7 Natural pH Balanced Products to Consider For Your Skin Care Routine

7 pH Balanced Products to Consider For Your Routine - Fresh New Routine

The hardest part of bringing balance to your skin is finding the perfect pH balanced products. It’s one thing to know your skin desperately needs pH balance, but to actually accomplish it? To actually find products with pH levels perfectly in range? That’s a whole different story.

Luckily I’ve done some of the research for you and found some of the best products around for your and your skin’s pH. These different cleansers and toners will work perfectly to, not only clean your face, but bring it back to a pH level that’s in the correct range. Trust me, it’s not as difficult as it seems and no, you don’t need to be a scientist to accomplish it.

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How to Find pH Balanced Products

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. There’s no secret skill to finding pH balanced products. It’s a matter of knowing the pH levels of different ingredients and establishing a routine that brings your pH to the appropriate level (between 4-6) by the time you’re moving on to use serums and moisturizers.

The truth is, I don’t yack on and on about pH balanced products for my own entertainment. When you balance out your skin before moving on to your expensive treatment serums and your favorite facial oil, you’re setting yourself up for more success. When our skin is at the right pH, it can absorb those products so much better, allowing your expensive skincare products to sink in and really get to work. You wouldn’t want to waste all that product and effort by not balancing your pH level right?

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pH Balanced Products: Cleansers

Cleansers are the biggest culprits of throwing off the pH level of your face. Most people enjoy a good squeaky clean (aka harsh) and cleansers that accomplish this are often alkaline (above a 7 on the pH scale). These cleansers are “cleaning” your skin because they’re stripping away everything on the surface. Including the important skin barrier we talked about before.

So if you’re going to pay attention to one step in your skincare routine, let your cleanser be it. This is the step that cleans your face after all and if you can manage to do it without ruining your skin’s protective barrier, then you’re doing something right. Plus you’ll be making your skin extra happy in the process. If you’re not ready to commit to any of the cleansers below, then at least try cleansing with only water. Yes, it’s more alkaline than we prefer, but it’s not as harsh as those soapy cleansers and will prepare your skin for more acidic steps in your routine like your toner.

Raw Honey Cleanser

I’ve already talked about how much I’m loving raw honey for cleansing. But guys..it’s really good. Not only is it a wonderful experience (this coming from one of the pickiest face washers ever). But honey is naturally more acidic, falling on the pH scale from 3.9-6 depending on the flowers used in the process (by the cute little bees doing their job -squishes their cute bee cheeks-).

Definitely go read all about it if you need some convincing, but honey is a fantastic choice to get your skin clean without disturbing your skin’s acid mantle. Combine it with some warm water and you should be able to melt away any make up and leave your skin clean and moisturized. Just so good.

Learn all about finding your own raw honey cleanser here

Oil Cleanser

This is another one I’ve talked about and the importance of your skin’s pH level really drives home how great this cleansing method is. Alright so technically, carrier oils don’t have a pH level. This is because there’s no water contained in them so there’s no measure of their pH level. Which sounds counter-intuitive as a pH balanced product, but is awesome for you. This means that when you use oil cleansers, you’re not disturbing your skin’s pH level what so ever.

The biggest argument for using conventional alkaline cleansers is that they dissolve the dirt on our skin. I totally see that point. But it goes out the window when you consider oil cleansing. These oils have the ability to sink into pores and drag out all the dirt and oil clogging up our skin and wash it away. All without throwing your entire face out of wack. Who doesn’t want that?

Learn how to make your own custom oil cleanser here

Adina’s Homemade Micellar Water

This option combines too of my favorite things: Adina Grigore and micellar waters. Adina is the author of one of my favorite skin care books and the owner of the SW Basics line available at Target. Micellar waters are a luxurious french creation that are essentially oil floating in water that provide a wondrous cleansing experience without any water. I used them for a while and like Adina explains, they’re full of a ton of icky preservatives. So I promptly stopped using them.

What I love about that post by Adina is she provides a simple DIY replacement for those fancy micellar waters that literally couldn’t be easier to make. Just a simple combination of chamomile tea and vegetable glycerin, this mixture is going to cleanse your skin without leaving it too alkaline. If you need to get off the micellar water bandwagon, give her DIY a try!

Learn how to make this DIY micellar water here

SW Basics Cleanser

I couldn’t mention Adina and not include a product of hers on this list. Her SW Basics line is a perfect collection of simple products that get the job done with only a few amazing natural ingredients. This cleanser is a combination of rosewater and glycerin with some added tea tree oil. All three ingredients I love dearly and it’s organic to boot!

This cleanser is going to clean your skin without stripping it. You’ll be left with fresh skin and probably won’t even miss the old cleansers you were using before. Especially since your skin will feel soft and moisturized instead of dry and itchy. Check out your local Target to see if they carry this awesome line.

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pH Balanced Products: Toners

Toners are the perfect step to bring pH balance to your skin before applying your serums and moisturizer. If you were skipping this step before, I recommend you rethink that. It’s my personal favorite because so many of these products have brought such calm to my skin. I know I can turn to them even if my skin is freaking out.

This step is the perfect place to play with some ingredients and the awesome benefits they bring to your skin. I’ve used different essential oils in my toners, depending on how my skin feels. Tea tree if I’m breaking out. Frankincense if my skin (well…mostly my life) is a little overwhelmed. Geranium if I want to help tone and balance my skin. Routine is important for bringing your skin balance, but a little experimentation is always fun. Especially when those ingredients you experiment with can help balance your skin’s pH.

Witch Hazel

This toner is a holy grail product for acne-prone, oily skin. If you have acne and aren’t using this product you’re really missing out. What’s awesome about witch hazel is all of the amazing benefits it boasts. It can fight swelling, sores and infections. Not to mention it’s astringent properties which is why it’s so perfect for acne-prone skin.

The pH of witch hazel sits around 3. But combined in a 1:1 solution with water, it’s pH level is 5. This makes it perfectly within the pH range of our skin. I’ve used witch hazel for months now and love the effect it’s having on my old acne scars and how it keeps my break outs at bay.

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Rosewater is an incredibly popular hydrosol in the world of skincare. Essentially hydrosols are less concentrated essential oils) and since rose is such an expensive essential oil, rosewater is a more affordable way to get the same amazing benefits of rose. I’ve recently started using rosewater and love the luxurious experience of spraying it on my face. I didn’t get all the hype before but now I really do.

One of the most amazing things about rose is that it sits at 5.5 on the pH scale, which is virtually the same as our skin. This is why it’s so calming for people who have sensitive, dry skin. It also has moisturizing properties. But that’s because it’s not doing any harm by being alkaline and messing with the protective barrier of your skin. This keeps all the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

This is another favorite of mine for natural skincare. Apple cider vinegar is well-loved for it’s health benefits when ingested. But when you use it on your skin? It has even more benefits. I love using it for nearly everything (especially to detox my armpits). With anti-bacterial properties and naturally occurring AHAs, ACV is a no brainer to use as a pH balanced product.

While apple cider vinegar has an acidic pH of 2.8-3 it’s still the perfect choice for your skin. For topical use, I recommend you combine it with water in a 1:1 solution. This will allow you to enjoy the natural acids of ACV without having to worry about it being too harsh for your skin.

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It’s hard enough to find products that work well for your skin, much less pay attention to their pH level. But hopefully these suggestions will help you find the products that are perfect for your skin! Any of these products on your shopping list? Any you’re already using and loving? Let me know in the comments down below!

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