Creativity Takes Courage

I’m not sure when this quote became so important to me. But when I tattooed it on my skin, it became a very permanent part of my life. Like every other tattoo in my life, I got it on a whim (with Traci by my side). As it was a time of upheaval in my life, I decided to get this quote around the time I was graduating from college. I wrote it in my handwriting one day and placed it on my inner bicep. I didn’t overthink it and I placed it somewhere I’d see it every day. It was meant as a reminder after all.

My Tattoo - Kerra Sun Creative
The tattoo I got as I graduated college, written in my own handwriting and intended as a reminder to be courageous.

It’s far too easy for me to overthink everything. I come up with ideas I’m excited about but somewhere along the line, my brain brings up all of the loose ends I must tie up and all the work it’s going to take to make it perfect. Or worse yet, I have an idea and convince myself there’s no way I could pull it off, so I let it go before I even give it a chance. Even though I hadn’t graduated yet, I knew I was scared. I knew I needed a reminder to be courageous with my creativity and take some chances.

A Daily Reminder

Now I have this tattoo and I can tell you I’m not exactly the most courageous creative as a result. It’s a reminder I need on a near daily basis. I’m constantly getting stuck in a cycle of overthinking that keeps me from making progress. And let me tell’s super frustrating. But I’m becoming more and more aware of this cycle and take small steps to break it. Even just acknowledging that I’m overthinking something is something I never would have noticed before.

So it’s fitting for me to letter it now, almost 4 years after getting my tattoo. Because back then I didn’t think it would be possible for me to letter yet here I am lettering nearly every single day (and having a blast). It’s the perfect design to launch my monthly freebies with and I’m so excited to send this print out there into the world.

Creativity Takes Courage Digital Download

Launching on May 1st, I’ll be creating and offering a free digital download every single month for anyone on my email list! I’m so excited to spend time designing these freebies for you and so hope you enjoy. My first month I’m launching both a color and black & white version of this design, which will be available for download all month long when you join my list.

Creativity Takes Courage Print Digital Download - Kerra Sun Creative

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There will also be physical prints & *fingers crossed* a shirt joining my shop for you to purchase. This design is the perfect first step in this new journey of mine and I’m excited to share it with all of you!

Signature - Kerra Sun Creative

P.S. I always love hearing from you comment down below something you’d love for me to design as a freebie! I would love nothing more than you create exactly the kind of download that will help y’all create a life you love.

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