Custom Facial Oil for your Skin Type

Custom Facial Oil - Fresh New Routine

Custom Facial Oil - Fresh New Routine

This is the facial oil recipe that started my obsession with plant based beauty. It’s so crazy simple to create and customize to your skin, making it one of my favorite DIYs ever. All you need is a few carrier oils perfect for your skin type and a few essential oils to super power it. Combine them together and you’ll end up with a daily moisturizer you can’t do without.

Custom Facial Oil Recipe

Now this recipe is going to seem super simple. Almost too simple. But I wanted to keep things vague so anyone could take this base recipe and customize it to their skin type. I’ll be posting about the best combinations for different skin types as well and linking them here, making it extra easy to experiment and pick the combination that’s right for you! This recipe creates a facial oil with a 5% dilution which is perfect for every day use.


  • 1 oz total of carrier oil
  • 30 total drops of essential oils


Combine all the ingredients in a 1 oz glass dropper bottle. Put 2-5 drops of oil in your hands and apply all over the face daily. If you’re using it after your shower, be sure to apply it before your face fully dries to help lock in any moisture. Keep it sanitary by never touching the glass dropper to your skin. The shelf life of this facial oil depends on the carrier oil you choose as a base. You can also easily increase the recipe. I personally have a 4oz bottle of this facial oil.

Important note: Do a patch test of your final facial oil to make sure you don’t react to any of the ingredients. I’ve known people to be allergic to both coconut oil and lavender which are crazy gentle, so you can never be too careful.

Recipe Customization

Now this recipe is the perfect base for any combination you can imagine! I personally like to mix up my carrier oil base. Sometimes combining 2 or 3 different types to add extra benefits. The essential oils you use also depend on your skin. If you know your skin type, check out the following posts to get your recommendations:

But I have a few major recommendations for any facial oil you make. These are almost always present in any blend I create because I cannot be without their awesome properties.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Oh frank. You beautiful essential oil. This oil is super popular in the essential oil world and for good reason. It’s crazy grounding and brings such a calm over you when you take a whiff of it. But when it comes to skin care, this oil is pro-glow. So that mean’s I’m pro-frank! It can help balance out your skin tone and provide you with the moisture needed to fight off signs of aging. Everyone can benefit from having this powerful oil in a daily facial oil so I highly recommend considering it as a part of your facial oil.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Carrot Seed is a natural source of SPF. So I like to include some in any facial oil I make for the extra sun protection. Now this oil cannot be compared to conventional SPF products as clinical testing is a whoooole thing and essential oils vary too much from batch to batch (because nature) to test. But you can never have enough SPF in my opinion. So I always add it in there for a little boost! Not to mention it has awesome benefits for dry tired skin. Benefits my skin looooves.

Lavender Essential Oil

This is for all the people with sensitive skin. I decided to add this one to my list because it’s so crazy versatile for any kind of skin type. It can do your skin a world of good while also being incredible gentle. So if you struggle with skin reactions to various products, try some lavender in your blend to help calm your skin and balance out your tone. Since it’s so gentle I have high hopes you won’t react to it!

The One Ingredient to Avoid

I’m adding this section for a bit of information that might be a little controversial. I know how much people love this product for natural skin care. People use it for EVERYTHING. But it has no place in this facial oil, in my humble opinion.

Coconut Oil

Alright I said it. Coconut oil should never be added to this facial oil. Yes, coconut oil is amazing and can be used for so many things. But it has an incredibly high comedogenic rating and can clog your pores and cause break outs. No one wants their facial oil to make their face break out more when they’re hoping to balance out their skin. There are so many other amazing carrier oils with lower ratings on the comedogenic scale for you to use.

Since this recipe calls for essential oils I have to mention this post I did about Safety with Essential oils. Be sure to give it a read, especially if you’re going to use essential oils in your skin care products! If you’re curious about the essential oil brand that I personally use and love, read this post.

Hopefully this information gives you a good jumping off point to create the perfect facial oil for your skin! Have some fun with it and experiment with your choices. There’s so many ways to switch this up which makes it so much fun. Comment below if you come up with a combination you love! I want hear all about it!

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