Essential oils are the essence of the plant they come from, distilling all of the awesome benefits down into a little bottle. We use them to super power our favorite skin care recipes, giving them the healing properties our skin needs. With so many different essential oils and all their wonderful benefits, you can customize your blend to suit your skin. No need to listen to anyone else telling you what you need.

Essential oils empower you to find real solutions

Here at Fresh New Routine, we regularly post content about different oils and how to use them. But we encourage you to take your skin care into your own hands and find the solutions you’re desperate for. Plant based skincare is full of endless solutions and opportunities for customization. You can finally find the unique solution your skin needs and say good bye to your biggest skin insecurities once and for all.

Want some oils?

To purchase my favorite brand of essential oils at wholesale prices, you need a membership. But there are a number of membership kits that are awesome collections of products for beginners. They’re the perfect introduction to essential oils and a more natural lifestyle. We can help you pick out the perfect starter kit and even educate you on your new oils and how to use them. We’re a community after all! Want to join us? Let’s make it happen!


Why Young Living?

There are a few things in this world I’m very opinionated on. Essential oils are one of them. I truly believe that if you care enough about your health to use more natural plant based products, then they should be the best products available. I know without a doubt that Young Living provides me those products and I couldn’t imagine using a different essential oil company. Not so convinced? Read on to find out why Young Living is my ride or die.


Want more Essential oil education?

Join our private facebook community with daily essential oil education. This group is exclusive for members of our team and those who reach out wanting to know more. If you’re interested in learning more about how essential oils can be incorporated into your every day life and joining other natural living enthusiasts, click the link below.