Friday Favorites: 5 products I’m hardcore obsessed with lately

Friday Favorites: May 4th - Fresh New Routine

I’m going to be honest with you. I had a completely different idea for a post today. But I couldn’t bring myself to pull things together in time. So now I’m sitting here at 9pm on thursday with a headache wishing I was asleep but knowing nothing is more important to me than delivering 2 blog posts a day to you guys. So I’m powering through. And starting a fun new mini series! I think this will be a good one when I inevitably fall apart again and need a blog post to write.

So welcome to my Friday Favorites! There are a lot of products I try in this natural lifestyle of mine and I’d love to be able to share them with you guys. I talk about skincare a lot but this is the perfect place to talk about some of my other favorite things. Because this natural lifestyle has effected a whole lot more than just my skincare routine! So let’s jump into it, why don’t we??

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Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Mascara

I found myself at Target, as I often do, and remembered that my mascara was well past it’s expiration date (3 months y’all! Go throw out that old tube!). So I ventured down the only cosmetic aisle I shop at, the natural beauty aisle. After staring at the very few options I had for a while (and coaching myself through the high cost), I picked this mascara at random. I hadn’t gone into the situation with much research to back up my decision. Not to mention I had stood in front of those same mascaras on other trips when I just couldn’t make up my mind and left empty-handed (except for the cart full of other stuff I definitely didn’t need.. because Target).

But lucky for me, this one is a winner! It’s from Pacifica which is a brand with an emphasis on natural ingredients. They’re not as clean as I typically hope for. But I’m willing to experiment as long as I walk away with the mascara I need. It gives me really good length and is waterproof, something I can attest to after watching the Quarterback episode of Glee today. All the tears. I don’t know that it’s my holy grail mascara but I’m incredibly happy with my choice. Get yourself some so we have bomb lashes together!

My New Sleep Essential Oil Roller

Let me tell you.. This roller is a game changer. I have the absolute worse sleep schedule ever. I’m a very accomplished night owl and if you challenged me to stay up until the sun rose right now, I would accept that challenge and succeed. Unfortunately the rest of the world doesn’t function at the hours I do, so I’ve been trying to work on this issue. My problem is that every time I try to go to bed, my head races with thoughts and I lie there awake for hours. I’ve been looking for a solution for a while and found some success with a sleep pill. While this pill is an awesome combination of essential oils, I didn’t like the thought of needing a pill that also has melatonin in it every single night when I go to sleep. That just didn’t sit well with me.

So when Valerian, an oil in the sleep pill, came back in stock (from Young Living, my favorite essential oil brand) I knew I had to get some. The rollerball mixture I made using this oil was the best thing to happen to me and my sleep schedule. Now with one swipe of this mixture on the bottom of both my feet, I’m completely knocked out. It’s amazing. If you struggle with sleep, I cannot recommend essential oils enough. Interested in oils? Join our group!

Schmidt’s Jasmine Tea Deodorant

I know I’ve mentioned this amazing deodorant before. But after using it for a few weeks, I can confirm it’s the most amazing thing to ever happen to me (and my armpits). I was in desperate need of a deodorant that wouldn’t aggravate my sensitive pits. So when I fell in love with the jasmine tea scent, I was hoping it could back that up by working well under pressure. And it has! I haven’t had any sensitive painful spots popping up in my armpits and the scent pay off throughout the day is amazing. This is hands down my new holy grail deodorant and I don’t think I can ever be without it. Get yourself some sweet smelling pits.

Universal Thread T-Shirts

I love a lot of things about Universal Thread (especially the fact they’re at Target). For one, their jeans are fit tested by all kinds of kinds. Which means for the first time in my life I have jeans that actually fit my body. It’s a miracle I swear. Plus the company is dedicated to making sustainable clothing. Their process for producing jeans is way more sustainable and there are recycled elements for a smaller environmental impact.

But the one thing I’ve fallen in love with recently are their tshirts. I’m talking their basic v-neck shirt in all the colors. I got myself two and cannot stop wearing them! These shirts are so comfortable. But the best part is how long they are. They’re that perfect length of covering your butt so you can wear leggings and be decent. But not so long that you look like you’re wearing a weird tshirt dress hybrid that’s way too short to be a dress. I have plans of getting them in every single color and highly recommend you do the same. You’re gonna love them! Buy 10 of these amazing shirts with me.

True & Co True Body Bras

If you’re a woman who’s been on facebook in the past year, you probably saw the ad for these bras. They’re one of those companies trying to redefine the bra industry and appeal to customers with their boutique feel and unique products. I can’t even remember exactly why, but this company finally caught my eye one day. Enough to have me landing on their site and buying myself one of their true body lift bras. The ones that promise to lift your bust one whole inch without underwire! Gasp! As a girl with a 32G bra size I was skeptical, but hopeful. I’m always looking for good bras that work with my large cup size and small band size.

I now have one of these bras in my possession and can tell you that they are MAGICAL. The fabric is this buttery amazingness that doesn’t show under clothes what so ever. It also has a unique channel under your bust that does a good job of lifting without feeling constrictive or poking you like a traditional underwire. As someone who has basically sworn off underwires because of the pain, I fell in love hard. I think when I first got this bra, I wore it for 3 days in a and night. It’s so comfortable you can sleep in it. I’m seriously obsessed. Especially with their full cup line that’s made for larger bust sizes. I want to buy 10 more of this bra so I can wear it every day of my life. Get yourself one of these perfect bras.

This was a fun little summary I thoroughly enjoyed writing (despite the headache). Sometimes it’s more fun to talk about things you like than the lack of cosmetic legislation or the various ways to use honey in your skin care routine. But how about you? Any favorite products you think I need to know about? I’d love to hear in the comments down below!

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  • ooo, I’ll have to try that mascara soon. 3 months?!?! I didn’t know! I’ve also been loving the Jasmine Tea Deodorant.