How Essential Oils Empowered Me to Fix my Skin Care Routine

How Essential Oils Empowered Me To Fix My Skin Care Routine - Fresh New Routine

It’s no secret that essential oils for skin care is a passion of mine. Especially with this natural skin care routine I’m crafting. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that I was once such a big Sephora and Ulta junkie spending hundreds of dollars on skincare and makeup every month. But it didn’t take long for me to realize I felt no more comfortable in my skin with all the expensive products slathered all over it. At a certain point I began to realize owning the newest lipstick shade did nothing to add to my life. Especially when I was so uncomfortable in my uneven, sensitive, acne-prone skin. So I knew I needed a change and for me, essential oils were that change.

Essential Oils Pack Big Benefits

Honestly this journey to discovery started where most of these journeys start: pinterest. My search history was a web of questions regarding skincare and my own oily acne prone skin. I was an adult for pete sakes! Wasn’t my acne supposed to go away after my teens?? During these frustrated searches, I began to discover posts about the amazing oil blends that could perfectly moisturize my skin and bring balance to my stressed skin. It didn’t take long for these pinterest posts to convince me I needed to get my hands on the necessary essential oils and carrier oils to create my own facial oil. It took even less time for me to fall in love with essential oils and everything they did for my skin.

The truth is, essential oils boast some super impressive benefits. They’re antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antifungal…the list goes on. They’re anti nearly everything we try so hard to avoid, especially for our skin. But not only that, they’re natural. Plant-based. Not full of junk (well…if you use the right brand..). This is so impressive in a skincare industry full of JUNK. These oils brought such life back to my skin. They taught me that so much of what mother nature provides us with already had amazing benefits and properties that will help your skin heal. All while smelling amazing. I mean who doesn’t want that?

The truth is, essential oils boast some super impressive benefits. They're antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antifungal...the list goes on. They're anti nearly everything we try so hard to avoid, especially for our skinClick To Tweet

There are so many people who have such amazing stories of what essential oils have done for their skin (and for countless other issues in their lives). Their stories inspired confidence in me that essential oils would give me the results I was hoping for. And now I have countless testimonies of my own about the amazing things these oils have done for me.

Essential Oils Empowered Me to Research for Myself

Honestly, once I began to discover different essential oil solutions for my biggest skin insecurities, I couldn’t stop researching. For once I felt like I had all the tools to solve my biggest problems in my reach and all it took was me searching for the solutions to actually find them. I mean, we’ve all wandered the skin care aisle searching for the perfect solution that’s going to fix our skin. But we typically end up with some new product that we try and discover is a total waste of our time. But with essential oils, I was finally seeing results. Every oil I turned to became exactly what I’d been looking for all along.

This wasn’t the end of my discoveries though. This new peek into the world of natural skin care brought about so much new knowledge about amazing ingredients provided by mother nature. These ingredients have become some of the most important parts of my skin care routine and taught me things about my skin I never would have discovered wandering the skincare aisles. I’ve researched my skin and discovered problematic beliefs I’ve held onto for most of my life. Like just how important out skin’s pH is. Or how amazing it is to cleanse your face with raw honey. This pursuit of information about a more natural lifestyle has taught me more about my skin and the way my body works than ever before. And honestly, I didn’t have to try to hard to figure it all out. I’m no scientist. Just a girl who fell in love with natural solutions to my biggest problems and wants to find more.

Essential Oils Inspired Big Lifestyle Changes

I’ve spent most of my life being completely lazy and never committing to any healthy lifestyle changes. I was the textbook case of telling myself I was going to start a new workout schedule and never starting that schedule (and I still haven’t..). But with the skin results I was discovering with essential oils, I was inspired to find more. To keep discovering more solutions and trying them out to see what results I could get. Before long, I was being more consistent with healthier lifestyle choices. As a child I hated the thought of drinking water. Now it’s practically the only thing I drink (besides coffee of course).

If you had told teenage Kerra that one day she’d have skin this clear and enjoy drinking water, she would have laughed in your face. Discipline is something I’ve never had. But now, I’m developing some discipline and making healthy lifestyle changes that are literally changing my life. Sure I hoping I figure out that whole workout routine thing here soon. But we all have to start somewhere and I started with using essential oils for skincare. Now I have the best skin of my life and I’m looking forward to the next part of my life I can improve.

Essential Oils Changed My Life

It’s easy to look back and pinpoint my first step into the world of essential oils as this first step in this journey of mine. With their countless impressive benefits, essential oils have improved so many aspects of my life. The most important being my skin care routine. But beyond that they fostered a desire to research my problems and find true solutions. Solutions using natural ingredients that don’t have a laundry list of scary side effects to look out for. I can confidently credit them with lifestyle changes I’m making that have improved my life in so many ways. Sure, essential oils helped me craft a skin care routine I love. But not only that, they’ve empowered me to create a life full of choices that positively impact my health and quality of living.

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