My Natural Skin Care Routine

My Natural Skin Care Routine - Fresh New Routine

My Natural Skin Care Routine - Fresh New Routine

This is the story of why I threw out every skin care and make up product I once owned to create my natural skin care routine. Now, it’s not nearly as dramatic as I just made it sound. And I promise I didn’t throw anything out. I donated them to an incredibly worth cause. But it was a big step to take in my journey to a natural skin care routine and I’m very happy I made it (and so is my skin). I’ve found the products my skin absolutely loves and I’m slowly adding more and more that are the perfect fit.

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Beauty Junkie Turned Natural Beauty Lover

I was once a huge Sephora and Ulta addict and honestly spent so much money there. Unsurprisingly, I became VIB and Diamond status without any effort. But when I came to realize the products I was buying were doing nothing but aggravating my sensitive skin, I turned to pinterest for more research. One thing led to another and I discovered the world of facial oils and the rest was history.

All it took was a DIY facial oil blend customized to my skin for everything to turn around.

This oil didn’t make my cheeks go red. It didn’t cause me to break out. It even balanced my oil production. Soon I started exclusively using only this facial oil and even stepped back from my usual foundation to give my skin a breather.

After falling in love with such a simple recipe, my mind immediately started wondering what else was out there. What other natural products would be the perfect additions to my routine? See, I’m quite possibly one of the laziest people when it comes to my personal care routine. I would never ever consider one of those crazy K Beauty routines with 500 steps. My products need to be easy to use. I don’t even like washing my face with conventional water and soapy products because it makes too much of a mess and leave my skin dry and tight. Anything that’s going to simplify the process and make it as painless as possible is my go to.

Skin Care Simplified

This laziness of mine led to a natural skin care routine that’s so streamlined there are barely any products. I found the more I removed products and simplified things, the happier my face was. Skincare is all about consistency after all. And I knew I would have the most success with consistency if I limited the products I was using.

Now I’m no skin care expert and my routine is a constant work in progress. But I have a number of ride or die staples that I can’t go without. These products are the basis of my natural skin care routine and have led me to the best skin I’ve ever had. Plus I’ve found you really only need a few key products to make an effective skin care routine. So I focused on finding those first.

A History of Acne

Keep in mind, my childhood was filled with incessant acne and oily skin that just wouldn’t quit. I constantly had painful pimples around my mouth and scars filling both my cheeks. My mom told me time and time again to shift my diet to help my skin. But stubborn teenage Kerra couldn’t quit all that junk food. I’ve worn foundation as a mask ever since my teenage years in an attempt to cover up all my insecurities. I was a textbook case of oily skin with shine that just wouldn’t quit and makeup that practically melted off my face every day.

Unfortunately my acne followed me into adulthood and I became a sad adult with adult acne. But I was sick of the painful spots and the constant need to cover it all up with makeup. So I began to seek balance for my skin. This effected every part of my life from my diet to my lifestyle and finally my skin care routine. I had struggled with acne all my life and I was finally sick and tired of it ruling my life.

But now that you have a little background on me and my skin, let’s talk about my new and improved natural skin care routine. You know, the one that finally got my adult acne in check.

Become Educated about Skincare - Fresh New Routine

My Natural Skin Care Routine

Based on this post all about the products you need in your routine, I’ve chosen the best cleanser, toner, treatment serum, and moisturizer for my oily/combination skin type. I’ll keep this post updated with the latest products as I experiment and incorporate them into my natural skin care routine.

Cleanser: Raw Honey

Once I discovered all of the amazing properties of raw honey, I couldn’t help but begin to use it to cleanse my skin. It’s antibacterial which is perfect for my acne. It has the perfect pH for your skin (which is pretty important). But the best part, it doesn’t leave my skin tight and dry after cleansing. In fact my skin feels so moisturized and happy afterwards. I’m seriously obsessed.

Not to mention that price point! So affordable. You can get it at your local grocery store for probably under $5. Just make sure it’s raw honey and locally sourced so you get all the goodness your skin will love.

Toner: Witch Hazel Toner

An avid lover of micellar waters (because they’re french obviously), I started looking for the perfect replacement for it’s low key application with less junky ingredients. I quickly turned to witch hazel, which would prove to be the perfect toner for my oily, acne prone skin. On super lazy days I use some witch hazel on a cotton round as the perfect way to take off my makeup.

Witch hazel is known for its natural astringent properties, making it a great treatment for blemishes. It kills bacteria that lives in our pores and can speed up healing. This is the treatment that I credit for the fading of my acne scars. They’re far less red and angry looking than they used to be. In fact, overall my skin has calmed down and evened out because of my regular use of this toner. Which of course, can be credited to how it balances the pH of my skin.

Treatment Serum: Tea Tree

As someone who’s always struggled with acne, I was in desperate need of a treatment for breakouts. Enter Tea Tree. This essential oil has been the perfect solution for those acne spots that pop up and you know they’re going to get bad. I like to keep a bottle of this essential oil with the rest of my products whenever I need it. Occasionally I’ll add it to my cotton round with my witch hazel if my face is starting to freak out a little bit. Or I’ll combine a few drops of tea tree with some jojoba oil (to dilute it) and apply it as a spot treatment to super stubborn spots.

Tea tree is so crazy versatile for me. I also regularly use it for my pits to keep the stink at bay. This is one part of my natural skin care routine I don’t see changing anytime soon. I don’t think I could ever be without it. If you’re curious about the only essential oil brand I use, read this post.

Moisturizer: Custom Facial Oil

This is the product that started it all! A super simple recipe, this facial oil helped me learn to moisturize my oily skin and start to balance out my oil production. For so long I used harsh cleansers and products that stripped my face of moisture with their out of wack pH levels. This only led to more oil and more shine. But using this product helped me realize how much my skin needed the moisture and how I’d been depriving it of that moisture for years. Not to mention I had ignored my skin’s pH level for years which only caused chaos. This oil finally brought some balance to my acid mantle and, in turn, my skin.

I chose jojoba oil as the base for my facial oil because it’s so similar to the sebum our skin naturally produces. This helped my skin start to regulate it’s own sebum production and balance itself out. For a few weeks I was a little oily but it quickly balanced out to the fresher complexion I have now. Not to mention the essential oils I chose in my blend. From the Frankincense that gave me the glow I was hoping for to the Tea Tree that kept my break outs at bay, I was finally happy with my skin.

Daily SPF: Red Raspberry Seed Oil

After hearing that red raspberry seed oil is a natural source of SPF, I bought some to use on a daily basis. This is perfect for those days when I’m hanging around the house or run out on a quick errand. It’s not a good solution for extreme sun exposure (I’m still on the search for the perfect natural sunscreen). But I like having this oil in my back pocket for daily use to give my skin a little more protection than it would have without it. Not to mention it smells so yummy!

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Extra Products in my Natural Skin Care Routine

Cleanser: Leahlani Skincare Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil

This is the cleanser I turn to when I need a little pampering. Honestly, it’s my dream cleanser. It’s made by the sweetest woman, Leah, in small batches in Hawaii. It has the most delicious scent with vibrant notes of juice pink and white grapefruit, sweet vanilla bean and exotic plumeria flowers. Not to mention there’s pineapple and papaya enzymes to gently exfoliate your skin.

I like to save this cleanser for the days when I need a little extra magic. Leah was even sweet enough to watch my instagram story about it and personally DM me to recommend I combine this cleanser with my honey for a wonderful cleansing experience. Honestly I can’t wait to buy every single product that they offer.

Exfoliating Mask: Papaya Face Mask

Wanting to take care of some of the acne scars on my cheeks, I knew I needed some form of exfoliation. After a bit of research, I discovered there are two forms of exfoliation: physical and chemical. Physical includes anything like sugar or salt that’s super scrubby for your skin. But chemical exfoliants aid in cell turnover to help resurface fresh skin cells. This is the kind of exfoliation that gives you a major glow.

There are a number of natural sources of chemical exfoliation, papaya being one of them. So I purchased myself some papaya powder and started mixing up my own masks with some water or Apple Cider Vinegar every week or so. I need to do it more often, but it can get a little messy (and like I said before…I’m lazy). I’ll talk more about this specific mask later, since it has a lot of awesome benefits. But this is my go to if my skin is lackluster and needs a fresh new glow.

Exfoliating Scrub: Derma E Anti-Wrinkle Scrub with Vitamin A and Glycolic Acid

I love this brand because of their dedication to natural products. So when I was looking for a good natural anti aging skincare to bring into my routine, I looked no further than Derma E. I love to use this scrub every week to allow the active ingredients to give my skin an anti aging boost. Between the vitamin A and glycolic acid (an AHA derived from sugar cane) in combination with the gentle exfoliation, this keeps any skin discoloration or fine lines at bay. Get yourself some on Amazon Prime.

If you’re wondering what anti aging skincare products you should use in your routine, be sure to check out this comprehensive post all about it!

A Work in Progress

Now this routine is far from perfect. I desperately need to find a daily SPF before the summer months (which are so soon!). As always, I’ll keep this post updated as I fall in love with more products. If you want to keep up with my skincare experimentation in real time, follow me over on instagram.

If you’re in the market for a better skin care routine yourself, you should check out this list of the products you need in your skin care routine. It will help clear up once and for all what products you need for a balanced skin. It also helps you choose the best ingredients for your skin that will help clear up some of your biggest issues!

For now, this routine is keeping my skin crazy happy. But I’m curious, do you have any recommendations for me? Any products I need to try for anti-aging? Or maybe the perfect daily facial sunscreen for the upcoming summer months? Let me know in the comments below!

Signature - Fresh New Routine

Become Educated about Skincare - Fresh New Routine

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