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It’s finally summertime which means the bugs are out and ready to ruin family picnics and beach days. To help remedy this, I wanted to write about 3 natural bug repellent that will help save your outdoor time and keep all the pests away. Since I’m dating the one person all bugs seem to love, I definitely need some of these solutions in my life. Not to mention it’s especially important when you’re using these bug repellent solutions around pets and children (and you obviously) that they be natural. We should all aim to reduce the toxin load we put on our bodies and using natural bug repellents is the perfect way to do that! Reading this post is the perfect first step towards a toxin free life and I’m very happy you’re here taking that first step!

Natural Bug Repellent of All Kinds

I think a lot of people think the only ways to keep bugs at bay is with some bug spray or a candle. But I wanted to talk about some other solutions that will help create the perfect environment for outdoor parties and gatherings. These natural bug repellent solutions should cover a variety of outdoor activities to keep your life bug free. Not to mention they’re crazy easy to implement which is a win in my book.

Citronella Essential Oil

Now you’re probably looking at me like I’m crazy but hear me out. Like with any plant, essential oils are the pure essence of that plant. Which means that any awesome benefits that plant gives you (like keeping bugs at bay) is also present in the essential oil, arguably to a greater degree. So if citronella does such a good job keeping bugs at bay, imagine how well the essential oil will do it!

So let’s chuck out those citronella candles and pull out our diffusers! No but really. Throw out those candles because they’re full of yucky ingredients that have long term effects on your health every time you light them. Instead let’s pull out a nice diffuser that ionizes the water and essential oils to fill the air with awesome smells and benefits. Just like those infamous citronella candles, citronella essential oil will create an environment safe from bugs. Plus you can create the perfect blend for summertime BBQs or porch hangs by mixing up the oils you use in the diffuser.

Natural Bug Repellent Diffuser Blend - Fresh New Routine Natural Bug Repellent Diffuser Blend - Fresh New Routine

Lemongrass Plant

This is one solution I fully plan on implementing in my future home and I don’t know if many people know about it. A lot of natural bug repellent solutions come from plants that exist out there in the world. These fragrant plants have been repelling these pests for centuries now. But why choose some product made from the plants? Why not go straight to the source?

For me, one place bugs are especially annoying is at the front door of my apartment. They like to hang out by the light and get stuck in the door as I enter. It drives me crazy!! In my future home, I fully intend on planting a nice tall lemongrass plant on either side of the front door. This will keep some of those bugs back so I’m not swarmed by them as I enter my home. If you’re wondering what lemongrass is going to do for the natural bug repellent nature of any front door, I have a fun fact for you: The citronella oil used in all of your favorite bug repellent products actually comes from various species of lemongrass. Not to mention other fragrant plants like lavender, geraniums, thyme and various mints can also do the trick.

My Favorite Natural Bug Repellent

It’s no secret that Young Living is one of my favorite companies that produces natural products. They put so much time and effort and research into creating essential oil based products that really work. So when they announced their new insect repellent, I was outrageously excited. This insect repellent went through the rigorous clinical testing necessary to prove its effectiveness. Plus it’s made from 100% naturally derived plant-based ingredients. It doesn’t get much better than that.

This natural bug repellent is even better because it doesn’t smell gross or make you feel like taking a shower immediately after applying it. I honestly couldn’t imagine doing summer without it. Especially with my boyfriend that bugs seem to love. Hanging with him brings them even closer to me. So trust me.. This bug repellent is a total necessity. This summer I plan on filling a 10ml roller ball with the repellent to take with me all the time. Gotta keep those bugs away!

Enjoy your bug free summer!

I hope these natural bug repellent solutions help make your summer a little more bug free! I plan on spending as much time outside as I can and plan on turning to these solutions myself. Nothing is more annoying than having your afternoon ruined by buzzing bugs. If they help you out, let me know down below! I so wanna hear from you! Especially if you have another natural bug repellent that you swear by. One can never have too many summer bug solutions.

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