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Natural Solutions for Acne - Fresh New Routine

If you’re focused on establishing a more natural skincare routine and struggle with breakouts, it’s important to find the best natural solutions for acne. Trust me, there’s so much plant-based skincare can do for your skin. Not to mention how much healthier choices can benefit your diet! This is crazy important when our gut is linked so closely to our skin health.

So I set out to discover some of the best natural ingredients to help with your acne. These ingredients are likely familiar to you and might even already be in your home! Regardless they should be easy enough to keep on hand. With this guide you should be able to pull them out whenever you need to whip up a simple DIY to treat your blemishes.

Natural Ingredients Perfect for Acne

Witch Hazel

I’ve mentioned witch hazel before and honestly, it’s one of my favorite products for keeping my acne under control. What’s awesome about witch hazel is all of the amazing benefits it boasts. It can fight swelling, sores and infections. Not to mention it’s astringent properties which is why it’s so perfect for breakouts. Even more amazingly it’s pH level is on the acidic side (3 to 4) which will restore your skin’s acid mantle while dissolving dirt and bacteria. I love to add a drop or two of tea tree essential oil when I need some extra acne bacteria butt kicking power.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is a pretty big deal in the health and wellness sphere right now. Everyone is pretty obsessed with drinking it every single morning. But me? I much prefer to use it on my skin. One big thing it does incredibly well is return the acid mantle of our skin to normal and helps our skin protect itself from bacteria (you know, the kind that causes acne in the first place). On top of that it kills bacteria, removes dirt and makeup while also dissolving dead skin cells. It is a natural source of AHAs after all. But remember, it is an acid so be sure to dilute it in a 1:1 ratio of water to apple cider vinegar when you use it on your face.

Raw Honey

No joke..honey is a super-powered ingredient to use for skin care. It’s naturally antibacterial which helps with acne and full of antioxidants which helps keep you looking young. It’s also moisturizing so no matter how bad the breakout, it’s not going to leave your skin stripped of moisture. Trust me, this is pretty important even when it feels like your skin is an oily mess. You don’t want to force your skin to start overproducing oils by stripping it of everything good in this world! I love to mash up some fresh strawberries and add them to my honey mixture since they’re a natural source of salicylic acid. This combo will help get rid of dead skin cells and unclog your pores. Plus it smells (and tastes) delicious. You can’t lose!

Vitamins for Skin Health

I know we’ve all heard just how beneficial it is to take our daily vitamins. As I kid I honestly hated having to take those bitter chalky Flintstone vitamins (any other 90s kids remember those??). But there’s no denying how much vitamins and minerals can benefit your skin health and in turn help with your acne. That’s why I like to turn to mother nature and whip myself up a smoothie with all of the vitamins my skin needs using yummy fruits and veggies. Want to make a glow boosting smoothie? Try some avocado, banana, spinach or mango.

9 Natural Solutions for Acne: Download your Free Guide

Since we’ve covered some of the helpful ingredients, it’s time we jump into the guide, don’t you think? As someone who struggles with acne myself, I really wanted to create a helpful free download with a collection of 9 natural ways to handle a breakout. This guide is the perfect one page download that will spark lots of ideas and throw you a life raft when you feel like there’s no end to the painful spots.

Sign up below and (after confirming your subscription) look for an email granting you access to the free resource library with a top secret password! There you’ll be able to download the guide as many times as you like. Be sure to check out the rest of the free resources available too! Or if you want to learn more about the freebie library first, head over here.


I turn to so many of these solutions myself when my skin is acting up and so hope they help you too! Be sure to give it a download and let me know what you think down below! Any one solution catch your eye? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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