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Natural Solutions for Dry Skin - Fresh New Routine

If you’re focused on establishing a more natural skincare routine and struggle with dry skin, it’s important to find the best natural solutions for moisturizing your skin and finding relief. Trust me, there’s so much plant-based skincare can do for your skin. Not to mention how much healthier choices can benefit your diet! This is crazy important when our gut is linked so closely to our skin health.

So I set out to discover some of the best natural ingredients to help with your dry skin. These ingredients are likely familiar to you and might even already be in your home! Regardless they should be easy enough to keep on hand. With this guide you should be able to pull them out whenever you need to whip up a simple DIY to nourish your skin.

Natural Ingredients Perfect for Dry Skin

Rose Water

Rosewater is amazing honestly. It has the most perfect pH level for our skin. This makes it the perfect choice when you have dry skin and aren’t interested in introducing any harsh cleansers that will strip your skin of the very little moisture it has left. On top of that, rose is incredibly gentle which is perfect for dry skin, which has little patience for any skincare ingredient that is only going to aggravate it more. Between it’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it does wonders for dry mature skin. Just one spritz of rosewater on your face and you’ll feel transported to a relaxing day spa. 10/10 would recommend.


I’m sure you’ve heard about how great Omega-3s are for our health. One big benefit of getting your fill of Omega-3s is happy skin. So since avocado is chock full of these awesome healthy fats, they also happen to be amazing for your skin. But I’m talking so much more than avocado toast here. I’m talking avocado masks and DIYs made with avocado oil. In fact there are so many skincare solutions you can find in the kitchen. I recommend you keep some avocados around whenever you need to whip up a quick face mask (or avocado toast) to bring some of those amazing fatty acids to your dry skin.

Raw Honey

No joke..honey is a super-powered ingredient to use for skin care. It’s naturally antibacterial which helps with itchy dry spots and full of antioxidants which helps keep you looking young. It’s also moisturizing so it’s going to nourish your dry skin and draw moisture into the surface without any of the toxic ingredients that conventional moisturizers have. That’s why people use honey in baked goods after all – it’s a pro at drawing moisture in. Plus you can add a drop or two of lavender to any honey based concoction for more anti-bacterial goodness.

Vitamins for Skin Health

I know we’ve all heard just how beneficial it is to take our daily vitamins. As I kid I honestly hated having to take those bitter chalky Flintstone vitamins (any other 90s kids remember those??). But there’s no denying how much vitamins and minerals can benefit your skin health and in turn help with your dry skin. That’s why I like to turn to mother nature and whip myself up a smoothie with all of the vitamins my skin needs using yummy fruits and veggies. Want to make a glow boosting smoothie? Try some avocado, banana, spinach or apple.

9 Natural Solutions for Dry Skin: Download your Free Guide

Since we’ve covered some of the helpful ingredients, it’s time we jump into the guide, don’t you think? As my own skin gets more dry as I age, I really wanted to create a helpful free download with a collection of 9 natural ways to bring some real moisture to my skin. This guide is the perfect one page download that will spark lots of ideas and throw you a life raft when you feel like there’s no end to the dry patches.

Sign up below and (after confirming your subscription) look for an email granting you access to the free resource library with a top secret password! There you’ll be able to download the guide as many times as you like. Be sure to check out the rest of the free resources available too! Or if you want to learn more about the freebie library first, head over here.


I turn to so many of these solutions myself when my skin is acting up and so hope they help you too! Be sure to give it a download and let me know what you think down below! Any one solution catch your eye? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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