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These are strange time’s we live in! I’m currently sitting at home in pajamas I’ve worn for who knows how many days in a row on day 14 of quarantine surrounded by coloring pages. COVID-19 is spreading and every day is a fresh terror to be honest. I’ve already postponed my May 9th wedding and I’ve been at home trying to do my small part to stop the spread.

In order to keep my cool, I’ve spent a lot of time coloring. It’s mindless and relaxing and especially helpful in preventing my stress from escalating. At times when it feels a little too overwhelming for a simple coloring page to fix it, I start coloring in shades of blue and honestly? It helps.

So I wanted to do my small part to help all of you relax and create a coloring page for all of you! I had a ton of fun making it (and coloring it) and I hope you guys like it too! Plus it’s a good reminder to relax your jaw through these troubling times. I know I’m holding a lot of stress in my jaw and I need to constantly remember to relax so I don’t make things worse. The last thing I need is a super sore jaw and inability to eat all the snacks because I keep forgetting to relax.

To download, click on the link below and save it wherever you’d like. I color mine in Procreate by making a layer under the line work and changing the line work layer to “Multiply” so the color shines through underneath! You can also easily print it out and color it as many times as you want!

Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy out there! Hopefully I’ll have some more coloring pages and other fun stuff coming soon! To stay up to date on all the latest, come follow me over on instagram.

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