Why You Should be as Excited about my Latest Launch as I am

I’ve been working on this project for a while now. And I honestly couldn’t be more excited to finally launch it! From the very beginning I’ve always wanted to help other people. It’s been the focus for my career as a graphic designer (especially when I was given free reign for my project choice). It’s been my focus as a friend and as a daughter and sister. My thought process always considers how I can make things easier for everyone involved.

So of course, I applied that same thought process to everything I do for this blog. I constantly want to make things easier on my readers. I find myself considering how I can solve problems with every blog post I write. That’s probably why I enjoy writing for this blog so much. But I should stop stalling and get to the point. I’m sure you’re incredibly curious what I’ve launched at this point..

I’ve Launched a Free Resource Library!

I so wish that sounded more flashy. I mean it is! It’s exciting and awesome. But I kept the name fairly simple. I wanted it to be understandable! There’s a time and place for flashy language and I wanted my library to be understood without question. Especially since my focus should be on the content in the library, don’t you agree?

This library will provide me the perfect place to house awesome resources for you and my other beloved readers. I started this blog to help people after all. So why not create guides and worksheets and templates and printables and all sorts of fun things to help you guys? I do love designing and the thought of creating all kinds of resources for my readers makes me so incredibly happy.

I have plans to design new resources on a monthly basis and upload them to the library for anyone to download (as many times as you want). I have a lot of ideas and can’t wait to start filling the library up! In fact I already have a few resources in there I’m pretty excited about (which you can find listed on the sidebar if you’re curious).

How It’s Going to Work

Now this resource library is free so there’s no crazy hoops to jump through to gain access. In fact, anyone who joins my community will automatically get access to the secret password! If you’re already a part, you should already have an email in your inbox with the password. But if you’re not a part, then you should join!

It’s as easy as that! One click and you have the password waiting for you in your inbox. Honestly some of my favorite content to write are my weekly emails and I’m so excited to have you join us! And there’s already some awesome resources waiting for you. The kind that will help you stop your acne in its tracks or bring life back to dry skin. I seriously cannot wait to start piling in more resources for you! Already have your password? Go check out the library!

How Can I Best Serve You?

Now as excited as I am for all of these developments, they really are all about you. I’m creating these freebies to make your life easier. So I want to hear from you! What are your biggest questions about natural skincare? What are you dying to know about toxin free living? I happen to love researching and writing about this stuff so your wish is my every command. So please, sound off in the comments below with some questions or concerns! I’d love to make something special just for you.

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