Skin Care for Acne: My Struggle with Teenage Acne Turned Adult Acne

Skin Care For Acne: My Struggle with Adult Acne - Fresh New Routine

One of the biggest promises from your teenage years is that things will get better. When you turn 20, things will start to turn around. But if you’re anything like me, then you know that isn’t the case. I’m sitting here, writing this at age 26 with the intimate knowledge that my acne wasn’t cleared up until about a year ago and I’m still trying to figure everything else out. Not only were my teenage years full of painful acne, but my twenties were too. I was an adult with adult acne and nothing figured out.

Luckily, things turned around for me. I discovered a world of natural skin care that empowered me to search for solutions that worked for me and my skin. I finally took control of my wellness. For once I was paying attention to my body and the signs it was showing me. Which allowed me to make choices that worked. My skin has never been happier! And neither have I. I’m starting to feel like I finally have things figured out. So it’s time for me to return the favor. I have first hand experience with skin care for acne and I’d love to use that experience to help someone else in a similar situation who’s struggling and looking for answers.

Skin Care for Acne in your Teens

For most, your teenage years are full of an excess of hormones and acne. With our skin going haywire, it can be super frustrating to try and find some balance, especially when you have acne. Please, don’t be like me. Don’t be stubborn and go from product to product looking for some miracle cure. Listen to your mom unlike me (sorry mom) and drink more water. Your teenage years are an important time to establish a routine that helps calm your skin and bring some balance back to a system that’s going a little crazy. If I could go back, these are the things I’d change about my skin care routine.


For cleanser, one of the most important things to keep in mind is our skin’s pH balance. So many anti-acne cleansers out there throw our skin completely out of wack and only introduce more bacteria into a system that’s struggling. I know how good it can feel to give your skin a deep clean when it’s covered in spots, but try to refrain. This only makes your acne worse.

My recommendation: Make your own acne cleanser with some honey! It has awesome anti-bacterial properties without completely stripping your skin of the acid mantle that keeps it safe.


The toner you use is incredibly important with acne prone skin. This is the step that helps you bring some balance back to the pH of your skin. So if you choose an alkaline cleansing step, be sure to choose something that will bring your pH back closer to 4-6 which is what your skin prefers.

My recommendation: The perfect toner for oily teenage skin is witch hazel. It will do a wonderful job of balancing your pH and when combined with tea tree essential oil it’s the perfect treatment for acne spots.


This is where your super powered ingredients will exist to stop your acne in it’s tracks. Try ingredients like tea tree oil or manuka oil for their awesome antibacterial properties. I always keep a bottle of tea tree on hand so I can create a spot treatment whenever I need it. If you’re looking to banish a big pimple over night please put the toothpaste down. Try a dab of honey under a bandaid over night and it will naturally kill the bacteria and have you on the road to healing.

My recommendation: For a spot treatment, try some tea tree with a carrier oil. I like to put a drop or two of jojoba oil in my palm with a drop of tea tree and put it on all my trouble spots before going to bed. Or try the honey band aid trick if you need to pull out the big guns.


Alright I get it. You’re a teenager and you’re not looking for someone to tell you what to do over and over again. I was the exact same when I was younger. My mom told me all these things to do when I was a teenager. But looking back I wish I had actually listened. So I’m going to tell you! Use moisturizer!! Yes your skin is oily but you need to moisturize your skin to keep it from over producing oils. Also you need a daily SPF to keep that young awesome skin safe so when you’re old you’re not a bag of wrinkles.

My recommendation: My go to moisturizer for oily skin is a facial oil made with jojoba oil. Try this recipe and use some oils like Geranium and Tea Tree (which you can find out more about here). This will do wonders to balance out your skin and keep those spots at bay.

Diet & Lifestyle

The best thing you can do for hormonal out-of-wack teenage skin is 1. drink more water 2. eat more real foods (like fruits and vegetables) and 3. bring some balance to your hormones. That water will help cleanse your skin of the toxins putting it out of wack. The real food (we’re talking from the earth) will give you nutrients that will support your skin in ways nothing else can. The hormone support will help your system handle the influx of teenage hormones and even things out.

My recommendation: Water water water!! Also some natural hormone support would do you wonders. I use a product that has naturally derived estrogen that has brought balance to my monthly cycle (and the skin issues that always followed). So I know first hand what awesome things natural products like essential oils can do for your body.

Natural Solutions for Acne - Fresh New Routine

Skin Care for Acne in Your Twenties

Honestly, your twenties are when you’re supposed to figure it all out. Your career. Your love life. Everything. But unfortunately it’s not always so easy. The same applies to your skin. If you’re like some people, your age brings a little wisdom and a little balance to your skin and your acne clears up. But if you’re not so lucky like me, your teenage acne rolls into your twenties and then you’re a person with adult acne and no idea how to clear it up. Hopefully some routine changes can address this issue and bring you some balance in a world that’s already throwing so many things at you.

Cleanser & Toner

As your skin matures, it’s going to need more and more moisturizing ingredients. The harsh cleansers of your teenage years need to stay in your teenage years. Now’s the time to start introducing some moisturizing ingredients because your skin will inevitably start becoming more dry. Luckily a lot of plant based skin care is both moisturizing and crazy effective. So there’s no end to the ingredients you should turn to. Just be sure to keep your skin’s pH in mind. It’s important to keep it in check during these two steps if you want your skin to be happy. But if you’re still struggling with acne, then you need to focus more on balance in every aspect of your life. You can’t blame the same teenage hormones for your break outs so you need to look for some real solutions.

My recommendation: I recommend you try something like oil cleansing with an awesome carrier oil that will help dissolve any dirt and makeup. Maybe do a bit of experimenting to find ingredients your skin loves. Things like honey, carrier oils, essential oils, witch hazel, etc to see what your skin likes. But it’s best to not switch up your routine too often. Find the ingredients that work and let them do their magic. Your twenties are the perfect time to limit the products in your routine and hone in on the ones that are really going to work for your skin.


These are the years to get a jump start on your anti-aging. I know that might not be what you want to hear. But your skin will thank you when you start adding some nourishing skin loving ingredients to your routine. You don’t need to be targeting any fine lines (because there aren’t any). But it would be a crime to ignore your skin and let the damage creep in. You also probably have some acne scars left from your teenage battles with spots. With the right product choice you’ll help these spots start to fade.

My recommendation: My favorite blend for preventative care and acne scars is rosehip oil and frankincense. Those two together the perfect pair to bring some glow to your skin. They’ll target the early signs of aging and keep your skin looking young.


Your twenties are the perfect time for figuring out what’s most important in life. You let go of your teenage stubbornness and realize that you can’t skip moisturizer and need to be using a daily SPF. UV skin damage is nothing to mess around with. Especially when the beautiful skin you’ve fought so long to have finally starts to emerge.

My recommendation: Find yourself a daily SPF your skin loves and wear it every day. Even if you live in the cloudiest area ever. And wear more hats. Not getting skin cancer or skin damage is far more important than getting a tan.

Diet & Lifestyle

If you haven’t noticed a trend so far, your twenties are for reevaluating your old habits. One major shift is in your diet and lifestyle. Maybe it’s just me, but your twenties are full of harsh realizations about what you can and cannot eat anymore. You’re not a teenager any longer. A dinner of chips and soda is only going to leave you with a stomach ache and painful digestion. So this is the time to focus on creating a diet of real food and spending more time hydrating. You begin to notice how well your body responds when you fuel it right and so will your skin. I also recommend you focus on hormone support to bring some balance to your system. My twenties improved ten fold once I found a product that would help.

My Recommendation: Establish a diet of real foods and more water. Good skin starts from the inside out after all. Also, I recommend keeping up with your hormone balancing methods. This will help keep your cycle even keel so you don’t have flare ups of break outs.

If you’re struggling with acne and think there’s no solution out there for you, I hope this post helps. I remember intimately what it felt like to have no control over what your skin was doing. It’s painful and frustrating. Once I started paying attention to every aspect of my wellness, things started turning around for me. Take it from me, it gets better. If you need any help finding the solutions for your skin, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’d love to help.

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Natural Solutions for Acne - Fresh New Routine

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