#SkinGoals – March

Skin Goals March 2018 - Fresh New Routine

Not only do I talk the talk, but I walk the walk too! This series will chronicle my own journey to better skin and help outline some of the skin goals I’ll tackle along the way. This month is the official start of that journey and I can’t wait to see what developments come next.

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My Routine


One thing I learned from Adina (the creator of S.W. Basics and writer of my favorite skin care book, Skin Cleanse) is that you need to keep a food journal. This will let you accurately see what food you’re eating and how it may effect your skin. While I haven’t stepped up to writing a detailed food journal of my every meal, I have been paying more attention to what I eat. One easy way to control my diet is to limit the foods in our home. If we don’t buy it to begin with, then there’s no chance of me losing all semblance of self-control and eating an entire bag of chips (been there..done that). But in the past few months I’ve increased my vegetable intake and focused on real ingredients which has certainly helped my skin. Not to mention I’ve attempted to buy more organic non-GMO snacks so when my food is processed, it’s not full of a bunch of junk (Annie’s is a favorite of mine).

Positive – I’m eating more real foods (aka from the earth). Negative – I need to start a food journal to get a look at the full picture of my diet.


This is somewhere I struggle with. On one hand, Mike and I do a great job of not purchasing any junky drinks. So really my only options for hydration at home are water, coffee or tea (or milk but that’s all Mike’s). The problem is I’m incredibly undisciplined about drinking water. I’ll get to 4 or 5 pm and realize all I’ve had to drink that day is coffee (the headache I currently have is a consequence of exactly this). I really need to focus on increasing my water intake.

Positive – No sugary drinks in the house. Negative – Not drinking nearly enough water.


This has been a huge struggle for me for months. I’m an accomplished night owl. For about a month I was staying up until 4am every day working without any effort on my part. Of course I would sleep the day away so I was certainly getting enough sleep. But I’ve come to the point now where I know this needs to change so I have a more regular schedule. Unfortunately that’s easier said than done for me. Lately I’ve struggled to get to sleep and am left lying awake all night long. This is somewhere that desperately needs some improvement.

Positive – I’m getting enough sleep. Negative – My sleep schedule is erratic and needs to be managed more responsibly.


This section is laughable because I have no exercise schedule what so ever. I can barely get my sleep schedule figured out! So right now..this section is completely ignored. I’m hoping that with a more regular life and work schedule I can start to fit in some movement and help clear my body of toxins which will give me the glow I want.

Positive – Nothing lol. Negative – I need to get moving more.


This category will be hit or miss for each check in. But one thing I want to highlight about my health lately is how I’ve balanced my hormones better. Through the use of one of my favorite oily products, Progessence Plus, I’ve balanced my estrogen levels. This has led to happier periods and less hormonal shifts over all. I’ve seen a decrease in acne popping up due to my monthly cycle but only time will tell if that keeps up. As long as I’m consistent with my application, my hormone cycle should balance out as well.

Positive – Less hormonal acne! Negative – Nothing.

SkinGoals March 2018 - Fresh New Routine

Favorite Products

Thayer’s Witch Hazel – This has been my go to skin cleanser and toner for the past few months. I’ve really tried to simplify my routine so this has become a staple for my skin. While the smell can take some getting used to, it does a great job of cleansing my skin of my make up and any dirt from my day. I also occasionally add Tea Tree oil to my cotton pad when I have a break out or two. But in the past month or so I believe this product has done wonders for my tone evening out and my skin calming down.

Apple Cider Vinegar – This product is a savior in my journey to the perfect natural deodorant. As you’ll come to learn, I have stinky pits and majorly struggle in finding a good natural deodorant. But ACV has stepped up and helped me neutralize the odor and kill the bacteria causing all the stink. While I HATE the smell of vinegar, it fades away quickly and leaves me feeling a little more fresh. I plan on continuing my experiment with this product to see how else it can help.

Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder – For most of my life, my oral health has been ignored. I brushed my teeth of course, but I never gave my mouth the attention it deserved. This is likely why I suffered from constant painful acne around my mouth. But once I switched over to a natural toothpaste and incorporated this powder into my daily routine, my teeth are getting cleaner and cleaner. I’ve heard so many good things about charcoal and minerals in your mouth and I’m just starting to see some of the benefits. Cannot wait to keep using this powder and chronicle my results.

Problem Areas

I’d like to focus a little more effort on my acne scars. Especially since my skin has balanced out so much lately through my diet and skin care products. These scars are found around my mouth, chin and cheeks. I’m hoping using my papaya powder for masks with ACV and water will help exfoliate the skin. If I start using these masks more regularly I’m hoping my skin will even out and the scars will fade. Here’s hoping!

Goals for Next Month

  1. Do more papaya masks. This tropical fruit is a natural enzyme so it helps exfoliate your skin. This should help with my acne scars and help even out my skin tone. Not to mention it helps resurface fresh glowing skin!
  2. More oil pulling. My oral health is on a fabulous path because of my new awesome tooth powder. But I need to step it up and help get rid of more toxins with coconut oil and essential oils. Even just doing it once a week would be a big help.
  3. Give my scalp a little TLC. Lately my scalp has been dry and flaky while my hair is still oily. I legit do not understand it. So I’m going to do some searching for solutions that will help nourish it and balance out these two conflicting problems.

Signature - Fresh New Routine

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  • One of the tricks I’ve learned for doing daily tasks like exercising or whatever it is you’re trying to do, is the phrase ‘don’t break the chain’. So you mark every day that you do your daily task, and you can easily see how many days you’ve done something, and the idea is to never break that chain of marking things down. It’s helped me a lot with daily exercise.

    • Oh cool! That’s a good strategy. I definitely want to try to make fitness a priority soon so I’m definitely going to try that. Thanks darling!