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My Wellness Wishlist - Fresh New Routine

In honor of my birthday month, I wanted to create a wellness wish list of the products I’m dying to try. It’s nearly impossible to write in the wellness and skincare realm without running into dozens of amazing products. I find myself constantly collecting posts on instagram for things I want. But when my birthday shows up, all of those ideas fly straight out of my head and I can’t remember a thing. Anybody else have this happen?? I can’t be alone in this.

So to stop my horrible memory from not allowing me to craft the perfect birthday list this year, I decided to collect some of the coolest products I’ve been lusting over all year long. These products cover some of the biggest wellness trends of 2018 as well as some of my favorite brands and their products I’ve drooled over for a while now. Hopefully some of these awesome items make their way onto your own wish list! But let’s jump into all the goodness!

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1. Jade Rollers

Wellness Wish List - Crystal Facial Rollers - Fresh New RoutineOh boy do I want one of these. In case you didn’t know, I’m kind of a crystal junkie. The moment I read about the properties of crystals and all they can do for you and your energy, I was hooked. I’m all about any product that enhances my vibe. So when these facial rollers came onto the scene I was ALL about it. Especially when they came in different gemstones like jade, rose quartz, amethyst and even black obsidian. Of course, all of these options left me completely confused with which one I should get. Luckily people like Cat have blogged about the different stones and how she feels they work. This makes it a little easier for an indecisive person like me decide which is best. Of course, I’m no closer to making a decision about which I want yet. But knowing me, I’ll want to do a lot of research before finally deciding.

A little more background on these rollers.. They’re the perfect addition to any skincare routine because they help the awesome serums you’re using penetrate your skin. By rolling it over your skin after applying your important active ingredients, you press them into the skin and help them get to work. Not to mention they help promote blood flow and lymphatic drainage just like a good back massage. Beauty gurus have been using different iterations of facial rollers like this to boost skin health for years. This crystal trend is just a new fad that’s catching people’s attention. If you’re looking for an easy way to join in on all the hype without breaking the bank, buy this affordable jade roller on Amazon Prime.

2. Collagen Creamer

After hearing all of the amazing benefits collagen has for your skin, how could I not want it in my life?? This supplement does so much to improve the elasticity of your skin which becomes more of a no-brainer with every birthday that passes. Not to mention what it can do for my knees! I certainly didn’t score in the genetics department when it comes to my knee joints.. They can use all the help they can get.

But whats even better is that people are paying close attention to collage these days and brands are coming out with amazing products using it. Like this collagen creamerI mean what?! As a daily coffee drinker (aka I can’t start my day without it) this would be the perfect way to get collagen daily to support my joints and skin. Not to mention it comes in a Gingerbread flavor!! SIGN ME UP. Get yourself some Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer on Amazon Prime.

3. Mineral SPF

Now that it’s summer, my attention is turning to SPF (even though I should be paying attention all year round…). I happen to be one of the palest people you know, so in the summer I really have to take care to cover up unless I want to burn to a crisp. Sunburn is not a look I wear well. So when I saw this mineral SPF powder from DERMA E you can use to not only give your face some SPF protection, but get rid of shine on those sweaty summer days I was in LOVE. Can you think of a more perfect product to bring with you during summer adventures?

Plus DERMA E is a wonderful natural skincare brand I already love. In fact I use one of their anti-aging products as a part of my daily routine. If you’re interested in getting some of their awesome natural skincare products, click here for free shipping on orders $25 or more!

4. Rothys

Wellness Wish List - Rothys - Fresh New RoutineSo I just so happen to be a bit of a clothing addict. I have….so much clothing. It’s outrageous. In fact I have such a clothing problem that I declared June a no shopping month because I know I need to get this under control. Especially since I’m trying to work on my impulsive consumerist nature. But one thing I’m doing right in my older (and more mature) age is starting to focus on brands that create quality, sustainable goods. Sure, they cost more. But they also happen to be higher quality and have such a small footprint on the world that I don’t regret the purchase. One brand that has caught my attention with their sustainable business model is Rothys.

If you’re a female who uses facebook or pinterest, you’ve definitely seen these shoes. But what I love so much about them is that they’re made from recycled water bottles to make some of the most beautiful flats I’ve ever seen. Not to mention I purchased Allbirds (another sustainable shoe brand) and they’re the MOST comfortable shoes I own. So I’m willing to take another chance on a sustainable brand trying to change the way we produce shoes. I have a lot of faith these shoes will go to the top of my list of “all time favorite shoes” right along side my allbirds and my teal Sebago boat shoes.

5. Nourish & Glow and Fresh & Pure by Jules Aron

Wellness Wish List - Books by Jules Aron - Fresh New RoutineThe first moment I spotted these books I knew I needed to have them. No hesitation what so ever. But the more I read about them, the more I discovered just how perfect they are. These two books are written by Jules Aron and are the most beautiful pair with their illustrated covers. But their topics? It doesn’t get any more perfect.

Nourish & Glow: Naturally Beautifying Foods & Elixirs is a collection of food that do wonders for your skin health. Which makes this book the most helpful guide since good skin really does start with the food you put in your body. Fresh & Pure: Organically Crafted Beauty Balms & Cleansers is the DIY skincare book of my dreams. It’s filled with what I can imagine to be the most beautiful products made with the most amazing ingredients. Together they’re a dynamic duo of natural skincare goodness and I need them on my bookshelf. Want them for yourself? Buy Nourish & Glow and Fresh & Pure on Amazon Prime!

6. Swell Traveler Bottle

Wellness Wish List - S'well - Fresh New RoutineThis is one brand I am OBSESSED with. I currently own two S’well bottles (the 25 oz and 17 oz) and they are amazing. Like literally the best water bottles I’ve ever owned. Now we all know how sustainable these kind of water bottles are. Using them keeps ton of plastic waste out of the dump which is a major win. But on top of that these bottles are so crazy insulated. I love my water to be mega cold and these bottles deliver. You can literally leave it in your car all day long on the hottest day of the year and the water inside will legit still be cold. I did it once and was so amazed.

But they keep coming out with new styles that I NEED. Like the Traveler style or the Tumbler style. I’ve been meaning to try them out with coffee to see how it does with hot beverages and the Traveler style is perfect for that. I’ve honestly had my eye on it for a while. But knowing me and my obsession with S’well, it will be mine eventually.

7. Jasmine & Rose Essential Oils

So it’s no secret I love using essential oils in my skincare, but there are some oils I haven’t gotten to try out yet that I’m desperate to. First we have Rose essential oil. The oil so decadent it costs a boat load. First of all..if you’ve ever purchased rose essential oil and it cost under $100 it’s not pure. It takes a truckful of rose petals to create one little bottle of pure essential oil (approximately 22 lbs of petals per 5ml bottle to be more specific). Which means that little bottle comes at a premium price. Hence why I haven’t gotten a chance to try it. The more I fall in love with my rosewater the more I want to get my hand on this expensive but luxurious oil.

But there’s also Jasmine essential oil. This fragrant oil is amazing in skincare concoctions and I’ve wanted it for a while now. However the process of distillation is difficult and it takes more than 10 lbs of flowers to make one 5ml bottle so it’s definitely on the expensive side. But both of these floral essential oils are so good for your skin health and promote such a clear happy complexion that they’re 100% on my skincare wish list. When I finally get my hands on them I’ll be making such amazing DIYs and BOY will I smell good. Cannot wait for that day!

The Perfect Birthday Wish list

This wellness wish list of mine is the perfect collection of products I would love to have. I hope it inspired you to add some of these awesome products to your own wish list. After all, you can never have enough wellness products in your life! I’m super excited for my birthday next week and sure do hope some of these products find their way to me. But is there anything you think my list is missing? Comment down below!

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