Why Young Living is my Ride or Die Essential Oils Company

There are a few things in this world I’m very opinionated on. Essential oils are one of them. I truly believe that if you care enough about your health to use more natural plant based products, then they should be the best products available. I know without a doubt that Young Living provides me those products and I couldn’t imagine using a different essential oil company. Not so convinced? Read on to find out why Young Living is my ride or die.

How I Discovered Essential Oils

My journey to essential oils started in a peculiar place. I was going through a phase in my life where I was obsessed with beauty and purchasing popular products left and right. Before long I was VIB with Sephora and Platinum level at Ulta (to translate….I was spending lots of money on makeup). The more products I bought, the more specific I became with the problems I was trying to fix. Uneven skin tone? Highly recommended drugstore foundation. Wanting thicker eyelashes? High end mascara known for volume.

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But with every new problem I tackled, I soon discovered some skin care problems that couldn’t be solved using conventional products. A few Pinterest articles later and I’d come to the conclusion that I had sensitive skin and all of the products I had spent bucket loads of money on were only aggravating my skin further. So with the help of Pinterest, I went deeper and searched for a solution to my sensitive, oily skin that would keep the redness at bay. It wasn’t long before I came across DIY facial oils and, by extension, essential oils.

When I made my first facial oil, I was surprised how quickly my face adjusted to it. The first week or so I was a little extra oily, but my skin LOVED it. The jojoba oil was a perfect match for my oily complexion and the addition of essential oils kept my acne at bay. For once my sensitive skin was happy with the products I was using. My red cheeks were no longer a constant part of my life! My eyes had been opened for sure.

Seed to Seal Promise

Now that I had seen the potential, I wanted to get my hands on these crazy oils. Now there are a number of ways to get essential oils, from websites to various MLM companies. But the choice became obvious once I learned about the Seed to Seal promise. This promise is something Young Living has been working on for years. They’ve developed and built farms all over the world to plant and grow the most quality plants they can. The whole process from picking the seeds to letting them grow with natural essential oil based pesticides is completely organic with absolutely no cut corners. They also rigorously test the resulting essential oils to make sure of their purity, down to third party testing so we can be sure the results are completely impartial.

But the best part is their integrity in keeping their sale of essential oils sustainable for the earth. They never sell oils that are endangered and always make sure the farming processes are sustainable while also uplifting local communities. There’s something so satisfying when a big influential company like Young Living does business in a way that’s full of integrity. It’s certainly not a cheap way of running a business. These methods cost them outrageous amounts of money. But they do it this way to ensure they’re providing their customers with the highest quality oils and that’s something I can get behind.

The Essential Oil Community

My Lavender Plant - Fresh New Routine

Joining this community was an amazing blessing in a time when I felt a little lost. I joined with one of my best friends and quickly fell into an awesome group of women that have inspired me nearly every day since. They’re the kind of women who I can’t help but look up to. As leaders. As mothers. They live with such integrity and are so supportive when I need the help. It’s amazing to know that I’m only going to continue to meet awesome people on this journey of mine. I consider myself incredibly lucky.

I’ve also had the opportunity to go to the convention in June and it was such an amazing experience. From the farm to the classes to the expo full of amazing products. It’s like Disney World for essential oils. I’m such a sucker for anything inspirational and this event fed my soul so much. I loved every second of it. I even got to plant my own little lavender plant!

Wait…isn’t Young Living a MLM?

I know what you’re thinking. You’re not trying to be sold on some pyramid scheme and you’re currently moving away slowly from this conversation. So let me break this down. First of all, I’m not trying to sell you on anything. I love Young Living and welcome everyone and anyone to join me. But I’m never going to chase you down to sell you on it. I don’t have time for that. Second…you should watch this quick video. Also, pyramid schemes are illegal. They are not legally allowed because a pyramid scheme is when you give money over and over and never get anything out of it while the top people get rich. But that’s not the case here. My life is full of some of the most amazing products that have shifted every aspect of my life from my skin to my period to my emotions into something far better than I could have imagined. Sure, the top people make money..but so have I. Without much effort I might add. And if I put in more effort, I make more money.

Sure your job might have benefits and free coffee in the morning. But my MLM has Cool Azul and people I actually really enjoy working with. Heck I get to choose my coworkers! Not have them thrust upon me by upper management. All I’m saying is there’s more to a career than pensions and benefits and a pretty 9 to 5 schedule. Especially when you find something you’re really passionate about.

And I agree, MLMs are not for everyone. I don’t expect you to join me just because I ever smiled pretty at you and asked you a few questions. I want people on my biz team who are truly excited about the products and helping people. So don’t worry. You won’t find me on your news feed ranting and raving about the next big deal you can’t miss out on youbetterjumponthisfast DON’T YOU WANT TO BE HEALTHY??!!? Because those people are gross and I didn’t join a MLM to suddenly become a gross person. I’m just a human out here using products and sharing what works for me because maybe it will work for you too.

Think You Might Be Interested?

If you got all the way here and don’t want to immediately delete me from your life…bless you. Now Young Living is based on membership, kinda like Costco. You can become a retail customer or you can become a member to gain access to wholesale prices (24% cheaper yes please). There are a number of starter kit options which are awesome deals and get you a membership. If you want to find out more about these kits, head over here.

We also have a private facebook group for education. This group is exclusive to our team or people who reach out wanting to know more. If you’re interested in learning more about essential oils, head over here to join the group. We’d love to have you in our community!

After starting this journey to natural living, essential oils have played a big part. Purity of ingredients and integrity of the companies I use have become very important to me. Two things that are also important to Young Living, which makes it an obvious choice for me. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! I love talking about essential oils any time.

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Let me guess, you’re a essential oil lover like me?

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