Why I Can’t Imagine Ever Missing Young Living’s Convention

Young Living's Convention - Fresh New Routine

If you know me in person or follow me on any social media, you likely noticed that I was out of town last week at Young Living’s Convention in Salt Lake City, UT. Honestly, it’s quickly become one of my favorite weeks out of the year. And this was only my second time attending! So I wanted to write about my experience to not only share what I love, but help give you a glimpse into this yearly celebration and what makes it so special.

What’s Young Living’s Convention All About?

You might have heard me mention Young Living before, but they’re a company that provides pure essential oils and amazing natural lifestyle products (many of which are infused with their essential oils). Honestly, their Seed to Seal Promise is the stuff of dreams. You can’t find any other companies out there that own and operate all of their own farms. Young Living is able to control every aspect of the distillation process of their essential oils. This helps them make the process as sustainable and pure as humanly possible. Their impressive dedication to quality is what makes their products safe for all the families who swear by them (including me!).

But every year, they hold an international convention in Salt Lake City, UT for all of the people who love their products so much. This allows everyone to come together and learn about new launches, attend classes to become educated on the products they love and have the opportunity to visit one of the farms to see the Seed to Seal process in person. It’s an event packed week with no shortage of awesome surprises and amazing products. Plus it’s the only convention where everyone who attends smells amazing!

Why I Love Young Living’s Convention So Much

I’ve had the opportunity to attend Young Living’s convention twice now and I cannot wait for next year. But after getting home and feeling so utterly exhausted, I couldn’t help but imagine why I liked it so much. Seriously. I was dead tired my first day back and feeling super under the weather the rest of the week. So my brain couldn’t help but ask, “why do you even like this event when it kills you like this??” Only, the answers to that very question immediately jumped to the forefront of my brain. Which only confirmed just how much I enjoy the convention experience, even if I am half dead afterwards.

Reason 1: The New Product Announcement & Awesome Product and Business Education

Hands down the most exciting part of Young Living’s convention is the announcement about their new products. I still remember how crazy excited I was about Savvy Minerals in 2017 and all of the new clean makeup products we’d have access to. Every year they somehow manage to top their products from last year. Especially with their focus on over the counter products that pass clinical testing and are proven effective. There’s no other company that is creating essential oil products with proven efficiency against issues like pain, coughs, bug bites and even sunburn. I swear every time Chief Science Officer Michael Buch comes onto the stage, I’m the happiest person ever. I know he’s going to give us wonderful news about the science backed products they’ve been working on.

Beyond hearing about the new products, all convention attendees get access to those products before anyone else. They’re available to try in the always amazing Expo, along with every other Young Living product. No literally. Every single one. Even all of the oils. I swear that place is heaven and really drives home all of the wonderfully natural products that Young Living offers. Then we are allowed to purchase those products and even pick them up in person so we have them in our hands as soon as possible. With products as popular as these, having them in your hands right away is super important. And beyond that? They offer classes to help educate us about these products. As someone who values information and education, this makes my heart sing! I love the emphasis Young Living has put on creating quality products and teaching us all about them.

Reason 2: Seeing the Heart & Soul of the Company in Person

If I’m being honest, it’s easy to discredit a company like Young Living. People hear the words “network marketing” and immediately shut down. They read rumors about the crazy founder, Gary Young, and start thinking the entire company is full of crooks and liars. Why would anyone ever attend convention, much less buy any of the products?? But seeing the leaders of Young Living on stage, it’s hard not to see and feel just how much they care. There’s so much integrity in everything they do as a company, from the family friendly products they create to the Foundation that does so much good around the world. They even raised over 1 million dollars for Hope for Justice over the course of the week to help stop modern slavery! So amazing!!

But sure, you can say Gary was crazy. Because he certainly was. I think you have to be crazy to explore the wild forests of South America to find the perfect spot for a new farm (and come down with some unknown infectious disease). But everything Gary did was to bring the highest quality essential oils and lifestyle products to families. He was crazy and had a big insane vision to help benefit all of us. Try and discredit him all you want, but his legacy lives on. His focus on sustainable and controlled harvesting of essential oils makes Young Living the forefront of the essential oil movement with their quality products. I feel proud to be a part of that legacy and couldn’t imagine using any other oils on myself and my loved ones.

I mean seriously! We now have essential oil infused natural sunscreen that’s SPF 50 and approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation to prevent skin cancer!! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Reason 3: The Farm!

Mona Farm gets a whole section all to itself, that’s how amazing it is. I mentioned the Seed to Seal Promise before, but a visit to Mona Farm during Young Living’s Convention really drives that point home. Young Living has done an amazing job creating a network of farms across the world that produce all of the plants for their amazingly high quality essential oils. This lets them control every aspect of the process so they can assure all the crops are harvested at the perfect time and the resulting oil is the best quality possible. This is how they keep the whole process sustainable and earth friendly. By focusing on quality over quantity. It’s a dream come true for a sustainable and natural minded girl like me.

But beyond that, Mona Farm is full of breathtaking views and fun times. You can plant a lavender plant! Or a baby seed (this year I got to do a Melissa seed)! They have lavender ice cream and NingXia slushies and provide the most delicious lunch ever. It’s like the field trips you knew and loved as a kid…only you’re an adult and it’s loads better. Where else can you walk out into the field and take a big bite out of a fennel plant??! The Farm really makes the whole distillation process completely transparent. It’s obvious Young Living knows what they’re doing and this farm is so incredibly special. I think everyone should visit and feel such a strong connection to the earth.

Reason 4: Making New Friends & Seeing my Favorite People Again

Young Living's Convention - Fresh New RoutineConvention is like a big family reunion full of the best people. I’m not kidding. I’ve never been around a more friendly and giving group of people in my life. It’s so incredibly easy to strike up conversation and get to know someone new. Maybe it’s all of the Peace & Calming in the air. Or maybe essential oil people are just nicer than the average person. But for someone who loves new friends but can be a little shy at times like me, it’s the perfect environment. Shout out to every person who made my convention experience a complete blast!

The other amazing part of convention is actually seeing members of my oily family! I’m lucky because I happen to be a part of the most amazing team. Emily and Jeanna are two of the sweetest and most fun women who I’m impressed by on a near daily basis. They built a team of people who are crazy impressive themselves and spotting each of them through the convention center is the most fun game of I Spy I’ve ever played. Nothing is more fun than running into someone you’ve grown to know online and being able to give them a hug in person. I couldn’t be prouder of being a part of the Essential Families community and seeing them is the highlight of every convention. Cannot wait until next year!

Young Living's Convention - Fresh New Routine

Join in on all the fun!

The best part of Young Living’s Convention is feeling like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself. The energy is palpable and the excitement is contagious! I just love being a part of it. And you can be too! If reading this post has you curious to learn more, I’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to send me an email or DM me over on instagram. I love meeting new people and you’re no exception! Or you can feel free to check out some other information about essential oils and this company I love.

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